Socials within BYX are fun, energetic parties used for various purposes. Due to the beliefs of the fraternity, these socials are strictly nonalcoholic. Two types of socials within BYX are open and closed parties. Open parties are used to spread to gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who is willing to hear it. These parties are open to anyone who wants to come with no RSVP or invitation required. For open parties, members of BYX try to invite as many people as possible to enjoy a fun event. Typical open parties BYX puts on include various dance parties and the annual "Island Party" in the spring and the "Milk and Cookies" Party, which is a Christmas party.

Closed socials are used as growth opportunities within BYX. These parties are either put on by BYX to promote unity within the fraternity or to promote a specific purpose. These type of parties occur with either only BYX members or with BYX members and a select number of invited guests. Types of the parties in which an invited guest is allowed to participate are date parties. These date parties occur once a semester and each member is allowed to invite one date to particpate in the event with them. The purpose of these date parties is to promote unity in the fraternity while allowing BYX members to bring a young woman on a date and show her how a Christian man acts on a date. This allows women to see the work of Christ in the lives of the BYX members first hand and allows members to share Christ to young women.